Air Force Acquisition Centers

Students in Acquisition-Related Fields

“The future of our nation is forever bound up in the development of Air Power.”

– Col. (Ret.) William ‘Billy’ Mitchell

Prepare for your future

Air Force Acquisition is looking for top-performing students interested in working in exciting careers that offer unmatched career growth opportunities. Working in Air Force Acquisition offers everything you could want in a job: quality of life, competitive compensation, excellent benefits and, most importantly, personal satisfaction. Our professional opportunities allow you to grow, move and even change jobs altogether so you can focus on a long, varied and rewarding future.

Your first job after graduation is an important life decision that comes with choices. The Air Force Acquisition team can help you exercise your options. Explore the exciting career opportunities available to civilians in business and STEM disciplines. We have a wealth of career choices throughout the country, and there’s always a place for top-performing students on our team–it’s never too soon to start looking.