Air Force Acquisition Centers

The Strength to Command the Skies.

Your quantitative analyses and sound risk taking keep the C-17 Globemaster III flying high, ready to meet airdrop and reconnaissance duties.
We clear the flight path.

Next-gen air defense. Surpass the expected.

Your expertise will bring the most advanced and affordable strike aircraft to future generations worldwide. We fuel the innovations.

The Vigilance to Shield the Skies.

Your foresight puts the E-3 Sentry in the air to keep a watchful eye on the
challenges ahead. We lead the way.

The Vision to Power Perfect Paths.

Your insights put innovations in orbit for global positioning, infrared space and launch systems, ready to guide and support forces on the
ground and in the air. We set the stage.

The future. Built from the ground up.

Your knack for negotiating value and influencing outcomes puts the C-130 Hercules in flight, executing airlift support. We get it to the runway.

The Confidence to Advance the Mission.

Your technical prowess and boundless perseverance fuel our strategies with aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit, as it pushes past enemy lines. We put it in flight.

The Courage to Journey Beyond Tomorrow.

Your teamwork and business acumen help advance the capabilities of those protecting our nation and the world. We negotiate their delivery.


Your mastery of budgets and schedules guarantees aircraft such as the B-1B Lancer are always there for high-speed, long-range support. We put it in range.


Your systems integration skills allow mission-critical aircraft such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon to take to the skies. We keep them at the ready.

The Resolve to Put Objectives Within Reach.

Your program management ability positions the
A-10 Thunderbolt II where it's needed most, providing close air support for our forces on the ground. We set its course.